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The 100 Best Free Android Apps (1)

100 free apps for Android Tablets Phones: Games, Utilities, AntiVirus and Office software.

Android Apps

The best free games apps
The fun never stops - Racing, logic, action, platforming and fun games in between.
The best free photo, video, music apps
Multimedia Apps Hanes Android Tablet.
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The best free tools
Anti-virus security, file telephone manager, Backup , GPS and Wi-Fi.
The best Apps for e-mail, messenger and video chat
Alternative e-mail clients, free video calls and instant messenger.
The best free navigation and travel apps
Route planner, timetable Navigator
The best free Office Apps
Diary, read and edit documents, to-do lists and Office software.
The best internet browser
Alternatively, software as a replacement for the standard often inappropriate Apps
The best Android Apps for news, sports and leisure
The latest news, sports reports and software knowledge
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Freeware: Android Apps and WhatsApp for Windows
Who has not ever thought that it would be nice if his Android Apps also could use on the PC. And that's what the FREE beta version of BlueStacks App Players well fascinating. Windows 7 users can so ... [more information]

Apps for Android 4.x?

With the great Android Tablets had the Android Operating system to grow rapidly. It shows yet. Especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab has provided a big boost. Of course, now grown to the requirements Apps to meet the new opportunities and threats.

Larger touch screens, faster processors and Android 4.x enable many new applications. The small ways the Smartphone has not. The touchscreen size is limited here, the field of application. It is therefore necessary Apps for Tablets to optimize.

Smartphones are often ridiculed, is now serious questions about anti-virus software and security apps or a good file manager. Even in games tablet users with mini-apps for Android smartphones are dissatisfied. There is therefore, a still growing collection of Apps for Android Tablets.

Android    RSS

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