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The best free appointment scheduler and calendar (1)

Calendar software, organizer, scheduling and contact management.

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5-Star (5/5 Stars)
The scheduler. Net is a free, memory-friendly solution to manage events. Unlike many of its competitors is limited to organizer. Net only the most essential functions of scheduling and remains so ... [more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Freeware: Orga-Nicer
Scheduling and organization - forgetfulness is in the nature of man - but to forget dates belongs to the past now! Orga-Nicer is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for scheduling. With acoustic and ... [more information]
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4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Freeware: Calme
Calme with you in a few minutes to create both practical yearly and monthly planner and very attractive and modern, picture calendars in many different formats and print. Customizable colors, images, themes, fonts, ... [more information]
4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Testversion: EssentialPIM
EssentialPIM is a simple but very useful for all personal information manager. PIM is called Personal Information Manager that allows to keep all information in electronic form. All dates, ... [more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Freeware: AbAlarm
AbAlarm is a small alarm clock for Windows. You can AbAlarm specify a time or a number of minutes and wait for the appropriate time, you will automatically remember the helpers. To sleepy never the beginning of your favorite show ... [more information]
4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Freeware: Excel Year Planner
Planen Sie Ihre Termine auch mit Outlook? Das ist optimal für die Tages- und Wochenplanung, aber für längerfristige Planungen leider viel zu unübersichtlich. Der Excel-Jahresplaner setzt hier an: Mit ihm können Sie Urlaubszeiten, Vortrags- und... [more information]
4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Shareware: Picsoft scheduler
The Scheduler is a convenient calendar program that manages clearly among many calendaring appointments and tasks. In the main window of the scheduler, a date selected and the appointment and task lists that day ... [more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Freeware: Pimero
Pimero is a team player, more convenient appointment calendar and task manager and the ideal companion for small teams and individuals. If you travel a lot, with multiple computers or multiple people to work in a team ... [more information]
4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Freeware: Produra
Arbeitszeit ist für Dienstleister ihr größtes Kapital.
  • Wie viel Zeit haben Sie diese Woche für Ihren Kunden gearbeitet?
  • Bewegt sich das Projekt überhaupt noch innerhalb des geplanten
  • Kostenrahmens?
[more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Shareware: Bitwerk appointment calendar
By Bitwerk calendar to manage appointments, tasks and contacts on the network, at the same time and clearly. Prepare common dates, create appointments and task series, private appointments, anniversaries and birthdays and ... [more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Shareware: KL-MyOwnDesk
Scheduling with memory and repeat. Monthly calendar with information on the current day, holidays and school holidays. Annual calendar, calculation of moving holidays, calculation of working days in the light of ... [more information]
5-Star (5/5 Stars)
Shareware: SF Calendar
The SF Calendar allows you to create 41 different types of calendars and print, such as: Annual Calendar A4 - front and back, Table A5 yearly calendar, pocket calendar in a small format, monthly calendar A4 ... [more information]
4-Star (4/5 Stars)
Testversion: Belplan
BelPlan is an assignment planner, with any objects such as rooms, cars, etc. can be managed graphically. It has many features like BelPlan: Graphical management of up to 250 arbitrary objects, each in a ... [more information]

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