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Zen Pinball - Sensational 3D HD Pinball Game for Tegra-Android

This Software is: Freeware

Zen Pinball

Description and Test:

Zen Pinball is so awesome that only a Council nöinstall tig would be the Same and try!

Nevertheless, a few words on the free App. The 3D animated pinball tables are so versatile and impressively designed, that one can only marvel at. Graphics and Sound are absolutely top notch. A table is included for free. It is Sourcerer's Lair, the Ghost train-conjures up a Feeling on the Tablet. More spectacular tables can for about 0,80 Euro wants to bought the be.

The graphics in the Test on the Motorola Xoom razor-sharp and flüssig, the physics of the game perfectly. It is positive that different view modes that can be set on the table, guests. In the case of smaller Displays may be automatically zoomed and scrolled. If that is too annoying, or who can turn off has a size¶ÃƒÅeres Tablet the so. The graphics are so brilliant that the entire table fit in portrait mode on the Tablet.

Enough of the words: Zen Pinball Standards for Android pinball games sets. Just great! However, the Android Phone or Tablet Tegra a processor you have.

Video of Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star