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Geared - Cleverly Zahnrà the order

This Software is: Freeware


Description and Test:

This free App has been made on the iPhone and IPad for a splash. On the field of play must Zahnrà the so cleverly arranged that all turning. It is the distance to be überbrückt from the rotating yellow Gear to the blue Gear. There were five types of large Zahnrà different¤dern to Use. Of course, the goal in do needs a few Features as possible can be achieved. The amount and type of Zahnrädern is specified.

At first, the game is still very simple. Gradually, more difficulties to come. For example, a Gear may not be released in a shaded area. Or it must be more than a blue Gear to be driven. So it wants to take step for step more complicated all the Zahnrà the in response to. A total of 150 levels will be offered.

The Free App is well made, and brings free game pass on the Android Tablet.

Video of Geared

Geared presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star