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Sheeps & Clouds - A mega cute flock of sheep to supply

This Software is: Freeware

Sheeps & Clouds

Description and Test:

How sweet is that? The man asks immediately after the first encounter with Sheeps & Clouds. And the answer can only be megasüÃÅ. The flock of sheep to care for and the loving Gemadesign is extremely cute. The can escape some Heavy gamers hard.

In the case of Sheeps & Clouds, you want to provide to the pastor of his sheep, and even couples hook for young. The Cloven are quite demanding and must be in a good mood hero. Because then there are many Glückssterne. And you have to collect.

Some sheep are not very smart. They eat poisonous mushrooms if they see it, are so long in the sun until they have a heatstroke or be wet and the seller¤lten in. All of this must prevent the shepherd to have glückliche sheep.

Even the weather can beeinflüssen. It's to suggest that it rains at the right Level, so that the ausgesà the sheep will be elevated seeds for consumption. For children, it is also a teaching oak, but still funny life simulation.

The free App is really all around recommendable. The loving, comic-style graphics and the funny ideas are just great. Sheeps & Clouds looks on Android Tablets is excellent. The game play is well thought out, and the player is slowly done with his various tasks during the game.

Video of Sheeps & Clouds

Sheeps & Clouds presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star