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Moto racing - Rough 3D motorcycle racing with bodily contact

This Software is: Freeware

Description and Test:

Moto racing is a fun 3D motorcycle racing for the PC. It is a beautiful race track, but On a dirty, rocky and rough track is not Over. So, the players are not wimps. Quickly you get a FuÃÅtritt in a umkämpften curve. But you can also zurücktreten. The opponent should not be made angry. There are four different Bikes and routes Available.

For in-Between can be completed in a quick race. For longer SpielspaÊcan be sought in a career. Race for to work the race to the Champion.

In Moto racing, you can get started quickly. The control is simple. The 3D graphics is not quite contemporary UNDER, but still a lot of Fun. And this Fun is vöcompletely free of charge.

Video of Dirty Motoracing

Dirty Motoracing presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star