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Big Time Monkey - Total affiges, German Point&Click Adventure

This Software is: Freeware

Description and Test:

Schröder¶the¤ges, free Adventure Game with funny graphics and Story, lots of riddles and, above all, complete with English and German texts of the language.

'Big Time Monkey' takes place in a laboratory. There are three monkeys caught. As his two Brothers, the unscrupulous scientist Dr. Press¶ge for be picked up secret Trials, Gordo must try to save them. He is the smallest of the three laboratory monkeys, and is now a hero. And it is a role one Takes in the Adventure. With witty ideas, clever actions and spaÃÅigen dialogue you go on a spaÃÅige and adventurous journey. It is the great time of Gordo.

Friends of a well-made Point-and-Click Adventures have to the freeware game definitely play through. All others should try it at least. Some people want to stay in this German Adventure longer. So give the monkey 170MB Download-sugar.

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Video of Big Time Monkey

Big Time Monkey presented by Spotlight-Onlinepublishing

Assessment of the editorial 5/5 Star