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Zak McKracken

Zak McKracken is a cult game from the former adventure forge Lucasfilm Games, known for quirky puzzles and quirky sense of Humor. But the game offers more than jokes plate, is extremely well thought out and based on various myths and mysteries of our earth.

The year is 1997 the world is a dumber place than ever before. Alien a machine built, which is screwed to the IQ of the people slowly but surely in the single digits. Worse still, the only Person that this can alien stop is Zak McKracken, a Reporter for the disreputable National Inqusitor who thinks of stories about carnivorous potatoes and vegetarian vampires.

An ambitious fan brings us a free, great successor to the legendary Adventures. The Download is approximately 7MB in size and is for adventure-friends is a MUST....

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

The first-class Remake of the Original Maniac Mansion was developed by LucasArt Fans of enthusiasm. In principle, it is a 1:1 implementation of the classic game from 1987 for modern PCs. Particularly is that every Fan can develop new episodes for the game itself.

Maniac Mansion ensures still fun and challenging hours on the PC. In the Deluxe Version, the graphics and the Sound has been improved. Just the minimalism and the crazy action make the legendary Adventure is timeless. Maniac Manson is totally free....


The well-known Browser Game Shakes & Fidget is now available as a free Android App available. The role-playing game impresses with a very good and funny graphics. Before the Game can be played, You have to sign up on the Website www.sfgame.de. With the Account you can play on the Tablet and the PC. On the PC, no special Software needs to be installed.

Over 15 million players are already active. The satirical role-playing game based on the popular cult Comic. The Game App is completely designed in crazy Comic style. For some tasks, you need to wait but a little long. As in a typical role-playing game better and better items and skills need to be acquired to defeat the opponent.

The free App is shown in landscape format. Therefore, it is suitable for Android Tablets ideal....

Youda Survivor

Youda Survivor is a nice strategy game. It comes up on a desert island to survive and find your way home. So like Robinson Crusoe. Help the Locals in the fight against ferocious pirates. Then they will provide you with magical powers. Even the weather You can then control. In addition to the pirates, exotic animals and many other dangers lurk, however. Survival is not easy and the difficult way home.

80 carefully designed Levels are available for free. Lots of adventure to be passed. The App requires a lot of skill and strategic Thinking. Only then the island can be left at the end. Especially the beautiful graphics, a good Gameplay and lots of Surprises make the strategy game does not get boring. The free App works in landscape mode and is therefore particularly suitable for Android Tablets....

Wonderland Adventures

The forest stands for relaxation at rest. But it may also be quite different. Especially when the Foundation of an ancient Kingdom is found. Wally, Rowan is exactly what happens. Now you can start with Your help rebuild the lost Empire again. This is of course a huge issue.

Many secrets are hidden in this free construction simulation. The last native need Your protection from their enemies. Alone you are at their mercy completely. You have to build a new city, and ensure that it is the residents really well. Valuable treasures and useful artifacts are always to be found. Who does not earn mlöchte consuming necessary objects, you can buy with real money. But this is not absolutely necessary. With patience and skill, you can save the money and also a lot of fun.

Wonderland Adventures is a lovingly-crafted, free construction simulation, in landscape format on Android Tablets particularly a lot of exciting entertainment. However, the game is completely in English....

Spirit of Wandering

Hidden object games are very popular on the PC. It comes in complex images to find objects. This initially free App brings such a hidden object game on Android devices. Because You have to look very carefully at the objects to, is a large Android Tablet very beneficial.

In Spirit of Wandering, You will sail over the oceans of the world in a thrilling adventure with hidden Treasures. At Your side is a pirate captain in search of her lost love. After an attack by the Flying Dutchman, the crew was trapped in the soul world. Powerful tools, such as crystal ball, an accurate compass and the support of Your fellow prisoners, help You to find hidden objects.

The graphics are very nicely done. In environments 6 and 24 sites, over 500 objects, and magic items must be found. All hidden object Fans have with this App is certainly great fun....

Towers n' Trolls

Many attack waves of monsters to roll on Your Kingdom. However, all You have to do something about it. The way of the monsters You can block with cleverly placed weapons. The aim is that the enemies can penetrate up to Your castle.

Towers 'n Trolls is a first-class Tower Defense Game. The beautiful worlds and the animated monsters are really fun. In 45 Levels, 10 different enemy types make for difficulties. But You can defend Yourself with weapons such as catapults, crossbows, powder kegs, mine fields, and poison gas clouds violently. If You have these weapons strategically placing the monsters have big problems. The weapons must be paid for with Gold earned by the eliminate of opponents.

The waves constantly change their plans. Therefore, the Game is not boring. Three levels of difficulty, each appropriate skill. Towers 'n Trolls is a visually and technically first-class game. Especially on Android Tablets it comes to very good effect. A pity that it is not with the 7 Samsung Galaxy Tab compatible. On the Motorola Xoom the free App worked perfectly....

DASH and the stolen treasure

DASH and the stolen treasure is a free cartoon-like 3D Game developed by students as a Master Project. The focus Dash is the young pirate. He has to collect a treasure that is scattered everywhere on the island. But of course, there are many evil enemies who make his life difficult. With a paddle and deft Moves, he can defend himself. In the case of the bosses waiting for Dash must be Jump with the combination of Moves, and Strike fought. Otherwise Dash has no Chance.

The 3D graphics of the stolen treasure Dash to be made very carefully and professionally. This also applies to the Gameplay. Can be played with the keyboard, the mouse, or a Gamepad.

Although the Game is not overly long, it provides free contemporary fun for platformer Fans. And all this completely free of charge! How the Game looks like in action can be seen in the bottom Video....

A Story About My Uncle

The innovative Freeware Adventure game was developed by students while studying and to the Games of the year in Sweden is nominated. The game concept is called First-Person-Adventure Game. The game is completely without violence, and to concentrate on a compelling story and innovative Gameplay.

In a loving and very atmospherically designed 3D world of lost uncle must be sought and found. This uncle is an Explorer who loves to unknown dimensions. First of all, the special suit and put on the big jumps and fast Sprints allows or generates useful force fields. With a kind of Laser-vine to swing over large Plug. Thus equipped, one goes in a mystical, rugged underworld to the mysterious uncle to save. There is much to discover.

A Story About My Uncle is a very interesting way with modern, innovative Games beyond the mainstream, and perhaps to test the ideas for the Games of Tomorrow today. The Download has a worth of stately 146MB the....

Bapthomets Sword 2.5

Bapthomets sword 2.5 is a very nice, wide, free Adventure developed by talented Fans of the well-known game series, with the support of the manufacturer within a period of 10 years (more information at Wikipedia). The sync was partially done free of known voice actors. The return of the Templars is in the style of the first two commercial parts in a very lovingly hand-drawn Comic-style.

As usual with classic Adventures exploring the area with the mouse, talking with people, gives many clues and collect useful objects. If required, combining the clever objects together and solve a tricky puzzle after the other. Step-by-step to get closer so with logic and good ideas, the solution of the strange happenings.

The Freeware Adventure game is completely in English and a absollutes is a Must for all Amateur detectives. The beautiful graphics, captivating story, the successful synchronization and music are on a for a free Fangame very high Nivaeu.

Bapthomets sword 2.5 is a 697MB a very handsome Download. As a little Extra, send DVD Cover to Print and are even.

Other very good, German and free Point and Click Adventures are way Patrimonium and Big Time Monkey....

Big Time Monkey

Oblique, a free Adventure Game with funny graphics and Story, lots of puzzles and, above all, complete with German speech and German texts.

'Big Time Monkey' takes place in a laboratory. There are three monkeys caught. As his two brothers, the unscrupulous scientist, Dr. Dröge be picked up for secret Trials, Gordo must try to save them. He is the smallest of the three laboratory monkeys, and is now a hero. And it is a role you take in the Adventure. With witty ideas, clever action and fun dialogues you go on a fun and adventurous trip. It is the great time of Gordo.

Friends of well-made Point-and-Click Adventures have to the freeware game definitely play through. All others should try it at least. Some people will stay longer at this German Adventure. So give the monkey 170MB Download-sugar.

Other very good, German and free Point and Click Adventures are way patrimony and Bapthomets sword. ...


The elaborately-made Fan-Freeware leads adventurous Gamer on a long journey to faraway Egypt. There are all sorts of puzzles to solve and there are fun challenges.

At the end of the 1990s, imaginative and funny Point and Click came, unfortunately, adventure games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Leisure Larry or Maniac Manson wrongly out of fashion. On the one hand, you Hyper have dug the real-time action games and MMORPGs, the water, on the other hand, many Adventures couldn't save your charm really into the 3D world (Monkey Island 4).

Fans but there are still many. The Fan-made Adventures that have been developed without a commercial Background of talented friends to this game genre lovingly show. In patrimony that is the case, and its completion took 10 years. Out a amazingly high quality and funny Point&Click Adventure of the old school. Alone the many allusions to the great Adventure of role models and fun, and elicit so many grinning 'Oh yeah...'.

That there is a somewhat-forgotten game genre, in which his Fans to invest such a lot of work and time so that it does not completely disappear from the scene is proof enough of its appeal. Therefore, you should give this really good and very entertaining Games necessarily have to a Chance in addition to first-person shooters and MMORPGs. So do not wait, but immediately download the 170MB of patrimony and get started!

Other very good, German and free Point and Click Adventures are way Bapthomets sword and Big Time Monkey....

The Desolate Hope

The free -The Desolate Hope - will surprise you with a Wealth of imaginative, detail-rich graphics, and a very unusual story. There are several games in which you can in different game genres.

It takes however, at the Beginning, before one has settled in the bizarre happenings. The game runs in day and night cycles, with different possibilities.

-The Desolate Hope - can certainly be regarded as an insider tip among the free Indie Games. The Download of about 440MB is justified in any case. And as is so often the case with Indie titles, this game is a bit odd, and certainly not Mainstream. On the Homepage of the programmer is also nothing about the game or experience it yourself. Only where you can download it. Very strange!

In this context, we would like to return to the security software Sandboxie carefully. Can't damage....


In the imaginative, free-for-Swapped' fights a colorful leprechaun by a wonderful 2.5 D Fantasy world. By means of a magic club, he can even affect the gravity, and then runs away to the ceiling. Is controlled by the Jump'n'Run Sidescroller preferably with a Gamepad.

The Indie Game was developed by nine students of the Games Academy in Berlin/Rhein-Main. Gameplay, graphics and Sound are very good. In any case, so good that you can recommend Swapped 'as a Download. The Download file is about 185MB in size....

Ballman Planets

In the free 'Ballman Planets' experienced by the aged, but still popular Pacman a revival in more modern 3D Look. And, of course, he is no longer in a boring maze, but on different tiny planet.

As usual with Pacman all the pills must be collected on the five planets and eaten. And ghosts make a difficult life in this Version. The motto is: Just don't get caught! The Gameplay is well done, and as a little game in between, the Freeware 'Ballman Planets is' thoroughly recommended. The Download is approximately 20MB in size....

Forget Me Not Annie

The free First-Person Horror-Puzzle comes from the Vancouver Film School students, and scores with an impressive 3D atmosphere. In the bleak environment of a hospital telekinesis and shapes conversion plays a large role. And a Teddy bear is not as sweet as you think. The history and special game play make Freeware the absolute Indie-Download-Highlight.

'Forget Me Not Annie' is about 428MB large and is recommend to anyone to who likes it mysterious, creepy and surprising....

Genesis FREE

Online RTS games on the phone? It was even the most tolerant gamers just hard to imagine. Genesis FREE' could change that though. Because this App is one of the best strategy games available for Android Phones and Tablets. The control via Touchscreen works amazingly well. The HD graphics is impressive.

Since the App is not yet so well known, it may take some time until online players will find. The approximately 80MB large App deserves it to be of die-hard RTS PC gamers seriously tried. May be of some User to think.

To help so go on and the humans, demons and Noahs in the darkest regions of space. Because there is a Job as a Hero is still free!...

Monkey Go Happy

The mini monkeys, and collected discovered. Other useful items you should take. For example, you can exempt, for example with a found key, a house unlocking and more Monkeys....


In this Point-and-Click Adventure, it's about the cute dog Pupzzle. So he can do his various tasks, he must be helped. Items have to be collected and on the playing field. So Pupzzle from Level to Level....

Arcuz 2

In the style of Diablo in the second part of the thing. For a Flash-Game equipment and the scope of the RPG is truly exceptional. Maybe not for the quick game in between, but ideal for longer fun. Very positive is that the game is in multiple languages, (can also be in English) played. The Loading of the game may take a little longer....


This ball chain game has two special features. There are two cannons available, and it can be fired in an emergency, some of the PowerUps (on top of the edge of the field). Ball chains with at least three same-colored 'Bubbles' are dissolving. So it can be prevented that the chain is too long. The words 'Game Over'....

Bob The Robber 2

In the second part of Bob's back from a break-in tour. We will need to loot a lot of houses at night and in fog, and take what is possible. But beware: The buildings are not unsecured. In addition, many obstacles stand in the way. With the 'WASD'-keys Bob is controlled....

Open arena

Open arena is a good on the Software-base of Quake as an Open-Source game developed first-person Shooter with improved graphics. You can let off steam in the 3D world alone or with other players. Fortunately, the Ego-Shooter comes with a relatively low amount of system resources, so the Game also runs on older machines, supple.

There are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. ...