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Casino Crime

Start your criminal career in the glamorous world of gambling! In your own Casino you help the luck a bit and take your guests to the line and thread! Whether it's easy pickpocketing or elaborate card tricks: the Only one exempt guest is a good guest! With the feet on the roulette brake and an ACE in your Sleeve, you're ready for any challenge. Welcome to the family!

Casino Crime is a lovingly-made, free App that comes due to the screen size on the Android Tablet really Shine. Especially the users guide, which also facilitates the opportunity to the gamers of the entry is very successful. Prospective Bank purchase men and women can gather in this virtual Casino in addition, valuable experience. ;o) the

  • Exciting Casino Manager in the circles of the Mafia.
  • the
  • slots, Blackjack and Roulette.
  • the
  • Sneaky Tricks to Cheat.
  • the
  • pocket theft for quick money.
  • the
  • Unscrupulous Croupiers with a criminal talent.
  • the
  • game addicts with their individual needs.
  • the
  • Features may vary depending on the device.

Vega Strike

Trade, fight and Explore the universe is the motto here. Vega Strike is based on the models like Elite or Wing Commander Privateer. But it is completely free of charge. As a space ship commander is operated as a dealer, your provider, or smugglers. The goal is to get the necessary money to invest in better ships and better equipment.

This can be done in various ways. Of legal trade, execute tricky missions to privateering and piracy. Vega Strike is a successful combination of trading simulation and space action. The complex game is addictive fun with claim. Vega Strike is a good 3D graphics and is well worth the Download....

Sheeps & Clouds

How sweet is that? The man asks immediately after the first encounter with Sheeps & Clouds. And the answer can only megasüß. The flock of sheep to care for and the loving Gemadesign is extremely cute. The can escape some Heavy gamers hard.

In the case of Sheeps & Clouds you will provide to the pastors of his sheep, and even couples pair off to provide for their young. The Cloven are quite demanding and need to be kept in good humor. Because then there are many lucky stars. And you have to collect.

Some sheep are not very smart. They eat poisonous mushrooms if they see it, are so long in the sun until they have a heatstroke or be wet and verkälten themselves. All of this must prevent the shepherd to have happy sheep.

Even the weather can influence. So to ensure that it rains in the right amount, so that the ausgesähten seeds are food for the sheep. For children there is also an educational oak, but still funny life simulation.

The free App is really all around recommendable. The loving, comic-style graphics and the funny ideas are just great. Sheeps & Clouds looks on Android Tablets is excellent. The game play is well thought out, and the player is slowly done with his various tasks during the game....

Car Salon

Many have the dream of being their own company independently. How much work and dedication it is necessary shows this App. In order to build a car workshop much commitment is required. At the beginning you must do everything yourself. Oil change, electronic Check, use the car wash, tire change and cash.

But this is not enough. Because customers do not be angry quickly, if the Service is not fast enough. If you have to wait too long, they just drive without paying them. So there must be also paid attention to customer satisfaction.

With the previously earned money for more equipment can be purchased, and new employees are hired. So more money can be earned, but the Management of the business is always costly.

Car show is a nice, free economic simulation. In order to be successful at full throttle must be given. So like in real life....


In Minecraft a lot of creativity is required. In a world in the style of Lego building materials will be collected. The aim is to protect themselves from a hostile environment blessed, and to shape a digital world. Initially suffice for caves. But quickly the houses are massive. To the stately Palace. The power of imagination are almost no limits.

To obtain the necessary raw materials is not a simple thing. At the beginning needs to be worked with bare hands. Then, slowly, the tools can be built. Thus, new materials can degrade. But the deposits of raw materials must be first in the world of Minecraft explored. What can be built from the materials located in the selected combination.

By the free game Minecraft concept exerts a great fascination. Despite the simple graphics reminiscent of Lego. The game is never finished. It will add new aspects to it constantly. Minecraft is a free and imaginative world of adventure that provides plenty of variety and Motivation to continue playing. It has also developed a large Community of players. Just try it! ...

Ice Age

Now it is also Android because: The official ICE AGE App. In the simulation setup, You have to build a new village. Unfortunately, the old village has been destroyed because of scrat's stormy hunting. He has caused in the search for the glans has a crack in the earth and has destroyed the entire village.

You can now create, together with Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid, a beautiful village. Many missions are waiting for You. Boredom comes because. The longer you play, the more options are offered. New animals, buildings and materials to come.

ICE AGE is an engaging, free App comes to Android Tablets particularly well....

Wonderland Adventures

The forest stands for relaxation at rest. But it may also be quite different. Especially when the Foundation of an ancient Kingdom is found. Wally, Rowan is exactly what happens. Now you can start with Your help rebuild the lost Empire again. This is of course a huge issue.

Many secrets are hidden in this free construction simulation. The last native need Your protection from their enemies. Alone you are at their mercy completely. You have to build a new city, and ensure that it is the residents really well. Valuable treasures and useful artifacts are always to be found. Who does not earn mlöchte consuming necessary objects, you can buy with real money. But this is not absolutely necessary. With patience and skill, you can save the money and also a lot of fun.

Wonderland Adventures is a lovingly-crafted, free construction simulation, in landscape format on Android Tablets particularly a lot of exciting entertainment. However, the game is completely in English....

Bird Land 2.0

The provider of this free App is called Cute Mobile Games. And Bird Land 2.0 makes this name all the honor, because it really is a very sweet game. You have to build a bird station. With all the trimmings. And Cleaning of the aviary, only the basic tasks are linings. It belongs more to keep Your birds happy.

Only if the animals feel at ease and younger. So, You can expand Your bird's farm and even swans, eagles, peacocks and Parrots. The basic idea of the App is the best Tamagotchi's have to take care of-principle for the touching and reliably to Your Pets. Even the decorative article of the lifestyle of the birds.
Bird Land 2.0 is a successful and very cute App a lot of joy and work. The nice graphics especially on Android Tablets well. Maybe some of the Action-Fan and even secretly Favor. ;)...

Energy Tycoon

In the free economic simulation can be tested without risk to its Suitability for 'Enery Tycoon'. It is a company may be formed for example in the area of energy, coal, Gas, or renewable electricity to be strengthened with power plants, production sites, and commercial buildings. The aim is, of course, so many customers as to supply possible to be successful.

The German-speaking and free strategy game is attractively designed and offers a longer period of time is an interesting employment in the 'free market'. It is no Casual Game for in Between. In a Tutorial you made with the rules and Gameplay of 'Energy Tycoon' familiar.

In the economic simulation, a huge Empire can be built, without the corresponding damage. The Download is about 57MB in size....

Unknown Horizons

In the meantime, a very respectable, free, German, Open-Source Version of the economic and construction simulation has become of 'Unknown Horizons' Anno. With the latest Update, the Software is very strongly developed and is a real download tip for strategy Fans.

In an attractive Tutorial beginners will be introduced to the captivating game concept. It can be played in Solo mode alone, or in the built-in Multiplayer mode with gamers from all over the world.

Start will reach with a boat to a new country and then tap. Where resources are degraded, founded cities, sustainably farmed and traded so that the citizens are happy and satisfied.

The new, strongly improved Version of 'Unknown Horizons' shines among others with nicer graphics, new buildings and the storage of multi-player games. 'Unknown Horizons' but would like to be more than just a good Anno clone, and therefore brings its own aspects in the game. However, without diluting the basic idea of genius.

The all are download good reasons the approximately 115MB down, and to open to unknown horizons. ...

No one can stop the farm pioneer

It is time again for a weird, little Indie Game has to offer but definitely a deeper meaning and Background. Because when you live on the alien planet so how we on earth will soon end with Funny.

'No one can stop the farm pioneer' is a small building simulation on an alien planet. There are various tasks need to be done and well with the resources (wood, meat, wheat) will be dealt with. Who is exploiting the planet will soon get the red card. Actually no exciting affair, but the Free Game has a special fascination and mood. If you find the hidden space ship, you can even explore other planets. The Download of the free game is only 5.8 MB in size.

Since the origin of the Games is not traceable, is also here the use of Sandboxie not a bug. ...


Friends extensive structural and economic simulations come in 'OpenTTD' in any case, at your cost. Not only because in the extended Remake of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe' no costs are incurred.

However, it is not just a replica of the original, but many Features were incorporated new and improved AI significantly. But the basic approach remains: As a transport operator you have to bring his company to flourish. It is, so to speak, for the important economic infrastructure more or less large cities. This decides whether the cities are growing or not.

OpenTTD brings for many, many hours of interesting, exciting and challenging fun game on the PC. And All at zero cost. So even beginners can get started right away and the world of OpenTTD to explore and create. It is also positive, then, in addition to many other languages, English is offered. A Multiplayer mode is of course also available.

The only 4.4 MB small Windows Installer loads in the course of the Installation, even greater amounts of data automatically. ...

Town Engineer

In the small building simulation must be built on an empty base houses and rent will be collected. Of course, the same new houses there. At the bottom of the edge of the field displayed which and how many houses will need to be built, and how much cash must be there in order to reach the next Level. With the Hammer you can break down a bit. Attention: time is running out!...


In this comprehensive and yet free strategy game the world of their own space base has to be expanded and, of course, before the evil Aliens are protected. But this is not so easy. It is the soldiers must be won, and for the necessary equipment will be provided. However, the available resources are scarce and the team is still small. It must be strategically planned well to fulfill the Mission.

UFO-AI is a Remake of UFO: Enemy Unknown and UFO: X-COM, or a Freeware project by Fans of the old DOS game. The 2.5 Release promises even more fun games and good graphics....

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is set in a medieval scenario. The players receive at the beginning a small castle in the great Empire, which will henceforth be the Central place. Then it applies these to expand and to enlarge, to expand the influence in the game world. To do this, players must solve problems, a functioning economy to build, fights against computer-controlled enemies and other players, and other players in alliances and networks....