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The Microsoft flight simulator is very realistic, but it also costs money. This can be saved. FlightGear with an amazingly realistic and challenging flight simulator for the PC is free to Download. Whether sports aircraft, helicopters or large Jet. FlightGear makes the dream of being a Pilot come true.

This requires a lot of Know-How. First, the aircraft needs to get in the air and the Cockpit will be dominated with its many Levers and switches. Also, the routes need to be planned, comply with prescribed routes, and on the radio traffic responded to.

It is why it is actually more a real Simulator than a game. A longer learning phase is essential. This is but sweetened by the successful graphics and realistic flight characteristics. There are so many Plugins, aircraft and scenarios are almost as with Software from Microsoft.

FlightGear is a sophisticated Download recommendation! ...

Air Control

You in Air Control air traffic controller. Simply on the Touchscreen tap the incoming aircraft, and with a MOP to the landing place conducting. But be careful, aircraft are not allowed to come into the enclosure. An accident that ended the game happens. The graphics are simple but nice. The Sound also ensures that you stay longer in the Tower....

Dragon Fly

The mini dragon is still too young to fly. Nevertheless, he skin from he, and tasted it. Between the hilly landscape he has to get sent momentum and precise jump. Then he takes off rapidly. On his escape he has to collect diamonds, or three times in a row make a Swoosh. So the mountain and the valley to exploit so skillfully, that he is and flies really fast. But the mother dragon is it already on the track. As soon as the mother caught the little dragons, the game is over. The goal is to come as far as possible.

Especially in the case of this game is to control. It can be controlled with a single Finger and Start sweeping the country of the dragon. The Rest is skill and perfect Timing.

Dragon, Fly! offers a smooth, very lovingly-made graphics. On Android Tablets it uses the full screen. Once you know the right moves, you can't stop. Dragon, Fly! is free of charge....

Microsoft Flight

The latest Version of the popular flight simulator can be played in the basic version free of charge. However, it can be flown 'only' two aircraft over the Hawaiian Islands. Other areas and aircraft must be purchased or acquired with experience points.

in The Microsoft Flight is aimed at Users who want to make a pilot's license to be able to stand out. The barrier to entry is significantly lower than other simulators.

It is a Tutorial is available that facilitates access much. With the mouse and keyboard can be precisely controlled. Of course, Joysticks are supported. In Multiplayer mode, You can exit the aircraft and in the virtual world, meet other friends and pilots. There are many miss your family need to be addressed together.

The free Software is ideal to make yourself familiar with flight simulators. The graphics are top notch. Whether the fee-based add-on Packs are needed, everyone must decide for themselves. ...

Helidroid 3D

The small, remote-controlled helicopter for the living room are very popular. However, you can fly only very short. Also, the inventory is not always safe in front of the Mini-Helicopters. With the free App Helidroid 3D you fly safely and without battery problems through the whole house.

Of course, it flies around, not just like that. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the end of missions. The smooth and nice 3D graphics shows what the processing power in the Android Tablet is plugged in.

The free Helidroid 3D is a nice Helicopter Simulator for Android Tablets. Particularly positive is, it is the App works in landscape format....

Orbiter Space Flight

With the free Orbiter you can go on a discovery journey through the solar system. Historical space missions such as the Apollo moon landing, or the flights of the Space Shuttles can be tracked on your home PC.

Of course, it is not easy to carry out such missions correctly. Therefore, beginners are supported with Tutorial flights and quick-start scenarios. Perhaps the somewhat tedious Start will be rewarded later with realistic views of the earth, other planets and space stations. The flights may be recorded as a Video. It is striking at first that the Orbiter Simulator has no Sound. But with one of the many extensions be addressed.

Anyone interested in space travel should invest in the necessary training time in the Freeware flight simulators. In many scenes, perspectives and comprehensible missions, the more space is explored in a realistic and comprehensive manner. The Crew at Cape Canaveral waiting for the first launch of the new Orbiter pilots. But note: It is not a Shooter, but a realistic Simulator. ...

DroneSwarm Command

As usual in this game genre is also shooting here. In the free 'DroneSwarm' wait for an enormous number of enemies and bosses to be fought it successfully. All thing makes no sense to constantly press the fire button. Because of the efficiency level is therefore always bad. So, e.g., additional drones in combat, a dream can help. Brainless shooting for 'DroneSwarm' not the goal.

The aircraft can be controlled with the keyboard or the Gamepad. Gameplay and graphics are quite responsive for a Free Game. The Sound is also neat and makes powerful Theater.

So if you fancy a neat shooting with a beautiful Side-Scroller, you should download the approx. 19MB the same. ...

Stunt Pilot

Quite a bit of skill it takes to control the airplane through the rings in the air for sure. You hit where, actuated by the Pilot, the ejection seat and the plane crashes. Is controlled with the arrow keys. Gas can enter with the spacebar. Let's go!...

Iron Man 3

In this App you fly as the movie Hero with his giant battle suit through the area and fought enemies which must necessarily be done. Visually, the Game is superbly done. This can be seen in the stately 800MB the down must be loaded. The Android Smartphone should have a lot of computing power, otherwise the game will quickly turn into a nightmare.

All around Iron Man 3 is not a Sensation, but has the potential to be a game that is worth a try. Alone the graphics because. The impatient will have to pay for PowerUps, and quick progress in the game....

I can fly

Pigs as a main cast member to be used in Flash Games like. Flying pigs especially. Here, the piglets must also be as high as possible. Useful objects, PowerUps and Upgrades to facilitate the Mission. And the reward is enticing: A pig lady!!! But also unpleasant Surprises. Is controlled with the computer mouse....