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Future Pinball

Future Pinball is an excellent combination of great 3D Pinball and pinball construction set (Editor). In Terms Of Graphics and realistic game behavior hardly a wish unfulfilled. It should be Noted, however, that Future Pinball in Download without pre pinball designs comes. Who has desire, can quickly with the comfortable Editor very own pinball machine with all the bells and whistles click. You can Homepage, but also from the manufacturers many Designs from other Users easy download.

For realistic Flipperns friends on the free PC Future Pinball is a simple Must! ...


Neverball is a free 3D arcade game that could be described as a kind of gravity siumlation. By visually appealing 3D labyrinths must maneuver a ball carefully while as many coins are collected. This sounds simple, requires very much! a lot of feeling fine around the globe via mouse, Rocking a Gamepad or keyboard to the target point within the specified time.

The distance travelled can also be recorded on Video as. A drawback may be, between the Levels a lot of data to be made game appear, and it's sometimes not enough even know what to click now to just keep playing. There would be more vinous. Well the many configuration options and great 3D graphics, in turn, are. The game principle some older contemporaries will be somewhat reminiscent of Marble Madness....


VDrift is a free Open Source 3D racing simulator shines through a nice graphics and good driving physics. A wide variety of vehicles and race tracks are available.

From the training to the multi-player mode, everything is offered. Joystick, mouse and Gamepad are supported for the control. So there must also here not the big wallet to be whipped out in order to have a decent racing game, fun on the PC....


The Microsoft flight simulator is very realistic, but it also costs money. This can be saved. FlightGear with an amazingly realistic and challenging flight simulator for the PC is free to Download. Whether sports aircraft, helicopters or large Jet. FlightGear makes the dream of being a Pilot come true.

This requires a lot of Know-How. First, the aircraft needs to get in the air and the Cockpit will be dominated with its many Levers and switches. Also, the routes need to be planned, comply with prescribed routes, and on the radio traffic responded to.

It is why it is actually more a real Simulator than a game. A longer learning phase is essential. This is but sweetened by the successful graphics and realistic flight characteristics. There are so many Plugins, aircraft and scenarios are almost as with Software from Microsoft.

FlightGear is a sophisticated Download recommendation! ...


Finally his drivers. And not just as a Manager of the model railway. With a free 3D Simulator, comes closer to the childhood dream and the reality of a large piece.

The free LokSim is an ambitious leisure project of enthusiastic Railway enthusiasts who want to simulate the Driving of a motor vehicle on the PC. There are the tasks during a simulated ride on the cab.

This includes Observing the signals, Safety devices, adherence to the timetable and the constant vigilance operate on the route. It's not all the duties of a driver to be simulated to 100%, but you get a realistic impression. Loksim is not a game but a real Simulator. So you have to deal with the matter in some detail. But the falls railway-Fans, certainly not difficult....

Shot Online

More than any other sport that requires Golf players concentration and mental endurance. Shot Online is no exception. It is a close-to-reality reproduction of playing Golf, with the assistance of the latest 3D graphics, true to nature, was designed.

Shot-Online is basically a free game. For advanced players there is the opportunity, however, to purchase a variety of Items, including new clubs, balls or clothes in the Item Shop....

Future Pinball

Future Pinball is an excellent combination of great 3D Pinball and pinball construction set (Editor). In terms of graphics and realistic game behavior, hardly a wish unfulfilled. It should be Noted, however, that Future Pinball comes in the Download without pre pinball designs. Anyone interested can click with the comfortable Editor to quickly very own pinball machine with all the bells and whistles together. You can Homepage, but also from the manufacturers many Designs from other Users easy download.

For realistic Flipperns friends on the free PC Future Pinball is a simple Must! ...

BMW M3 Challenge

BMW has been offering a Promotion for the BMW M3 coupe with a free car racing game to Download. Under race conditions on the Nürburgring correctly so the limits of physics are gone. Alone against time or computer opponents, or in Online mode against real competitors (if online). Different camera angles to choose from. It is an advertising game, but the bottom line gets it is a decent 3D race game free.

So start the engine. The V8 high-Rev engine up to speed. First gear. Release the clutch. The ideal line to find. Braking for the first corner and the vertex of the Curbs aim....

Deluxe Pinball

Finally a pinball for Android which is managed in terms of graphics, Sound and game physics very well. Particularly positive are the dimensions of the Tablets effect, because upright is simply the ideal Format for a pinball simulator. Thus, it is less rumgescrollt wild.

The beautiful optical design offers up to 1024x600 pixels. All the sound effects are also done professionally and almost arcade feeling. The App is free, and with three different pinball tables (Carnival, Space and Underwater) equipped. ...

Casino Crime

Start your criminal career in the glamorous world of gambling! In your own Casino you help the luck a bit and take your guests to the line and thread! Whether it's easy pickpocketing or elaborate card tricks: the Only one exempt guest is a good guest! With the feet on the roulette brake and an ACE in your Sleeve, you're ready for any challenge. Welcome to the family!

Casino Crime is a lovingly-made, free App that comes due to the screen size on the Android Tablet really Shine. Especially the users guide, which also facilitates the opportunity to the gamers of the entry is very successful. Prospective Bank purchase men and women can gather in this virtual Casino in addition, valuable experience. ;o) the

  • Exciting Casino Manager in the circles of the Mafia.
  • the
  • slots, Blackjack and Roulette.
  • the
  • Sneaky Tricks to Cheat.
  • the
  • pocket theft for quick money.
  • the
  • Unscrupulous Croupiers with a criminal talent.
  • the
  • game addicts with their individual needs.
  • the
  • Features may vary depending on the device.

Labyrinth Lite

Who wants to test the position sensor of the Tabs and have fun with the App maze-Lite is a good one. It applies to juggle a steel ball through wooden mazes. This happens in the Android Tablet or Smartphone tends to be sensitive horizontally in all directions, and so the ball to roll. Of course, without the many holes on the way to the destination are distributed to flop. Here you can see the spell In the rest of the force very well work out in practice.

In addition to the fun, the amazement at the precision of the position sensor is guaranteed. The game uses the full screen of the Android Tablets and is made visually appealing. The steel ball rolls very realistically through the area. This impression is supported by a slight vibration, and a corresponding sound when the ball collides the barrier of a Wood. ...

Air Control

You in Air Control air traffic controller. Simply on the Touchscreen tap the incoming aircraft, and with a MOP to the landing place conducting. But be careful, aircraft are not allowed to come into the enclosure. An accident that ended the game happens. The graphics are simple but nice. The Sound also ensures that you stay longer in the Tower....


Trackmania is free and a real phenomenon. It has millions of players. In contrast to the usual racing games Trackmania offers much more wacky action. On more than 100 routes can be online against countless opponents on the Internet started. The game has very good graphics and a awesome Gameplay. It is but requires a lot of sensitivity and responsiveness, in order to keep the cars on the track.

It even has its own course can be self-designed. The vehicles can also be to the driver's wishes adapted. All in all, a stunning thing that is worth to be tried for free....

Tricky Truck

You also have the driving skills of a lorry driver admired? With Tricky Truck you can try it yourself right now. Difficult terrain and narrow environments require very much skill. The realistic driving physics makes the Simulator to a real challenge.

The 3D Simulator provides eleven different levels. With the integrated scene Editor own routes can be designed. Tricky Truck is free and a lot of fun. Perfect for all Hobby Trucker....

Football Manager

Dirks free football Manager is Offline Freeware and is briefly mentioned KoFuMa. In the game, three leagues from Germany are simulated. Task is to lead the club in many respects successful. A whole season lasts about one hour.

It must be all Sporty like Training, placement, Transfers, and the Economic as stadium expansion, sponsorship and Merchandising taken care of. The entrance to the game is simple, but it requires a lot of skill and strategy to be successfully....

Glow Hockey

Air Hockey is known from many casinos. There is played with a Puck on a cushion of air. The table is about as big as a billiard table. The players try to shoot the Puck into the opponent's goal. The Puck is on the air cushion almost without friction and therefore extremely fast.

This game is now also on the Android Tablet available. Like the Original, it is a very fast-paced Game. You can choose between three difficulty levels. Game physics and Gameplay are very well done.

The graphics of Glow Hockey is a liquid and provides real Air Hockey Experience. The App is free and uses the full size of the Tablets....

Extreme Formula

The X in X-Formula means Extreme. And the race is a futuristic 3D car. In order to meet the environmental requirements of the cars with Super Gasoline, Energy Water, Safe Atomic, and Metal Heart.

Extreme Formula features a fast and smooth 3D graphics. The various futuristic racing cars move dynamically on the race tracks. It can be selected between a fast race and a whole career. In career mode, the racing can be upgraded, or new vehicles are purchased. Of course, this is only possible when you have won enough prize money schnon. There are 68 tuning items, 10 tracks and 5 race cars are available.

To control can be chosen between three possibilities:
1.: Steer by turning the Android Tablets.
2.: Steering with a small steering Wheel in the lower left corner of the screen.
3.: Elements to steer by means of two control (left/right) in the lower left corner of the touch screen.

In our Tests, the 3 was. To use a control option at Best. Furthermore, there is a one Touch Button at the drifting of the vehicle. On the track Power must be elements, or dangerous obstacles dodged. Of course, the opponents play a big role, and not make the victory easy.

The free App is highly recommended. X-form uses the full screen size and screen resolution Android Tablets....

Car Salon

Many have the dream of being their own company independently. How much work and dedication it is necessary shows this App. In order to build a car workshop much commitment is required. At the beginning you must do everything yourself. Oil change, electronic Check, use the car wash, tire change and cash.

But this is not enough. Because customers do not be angry quickly, if the Service is not fast enough. If you have to wait too long, they just drive without paying them. So there must be also paid attention to customer satisfaction.

With the previously earned money for more equipment can be purchased, and new employees are hired. So more money can be earned, but the Management of the business is always costly.

Car show is a nice, free economic simulation. In order to be successful at full throttle must be given. So like in real life....

Trial Extreme 2

You drive in the urban jungle with the cross bike over everything arises in your way. Cars, containers, bridges, and much more. The Biker is Packed with muscle and in great shape. Now it is up to You to develop acrobatic skills. In order to reach the end of the Levels feel Sent and the Timing is fine necessary. Otherwise, the Stuntman like a crash-test dummy-on the ground.

On the Touchscreen there are Buttons for accelerating, braking and Jumping. It is tricky to balance. The inclination sensors of the tablet to be used. If you tilt the tablet to the right of the center of gravity shifts to the front. Turning the Tablet to the left, the weight shifts to the rear. Of course this needs to be used with metered gas and brake combined. Not an easy task. This control is therefore suitable for smaller Tablets better.

The graphics are very impressive and opulent. Even with Pseudo-3D, the App is a visual treat in a class. The game physics are realistic and can be almost nothing to be desired. The Lite version is free available for Testing....


In Minecraft a lot of creativity is required. In a world in the style of Lego building materials will be collected. The aim is to protect themselves from a hostile environment blessed, and to shape a digital world. Initially suffice for caves. But quickly the houses are massive. To the stately Palace. The power of imagination are almost no limits.

To obtain the necessary raw materials is not a simple thing. At the beginning needs to be worked with bare hands. Then, slowly, the tools can be built. Thus, new materials can degrade. But the deposits of raw materials must be first in the world of Minecraft explored. What can be built from the materials located in the selected combination.

By the free game Minecraft concept exerts a great fascination. Despite the simple graphics reminiscent of Lego. The game is never finished. It will add new aspects to it constantly. Minecraft is a free and imaginative world of adventure that provides plenty of variety and Motivation to continue playing. It has also developed a large Community of players. Just try it! ...

Pinball Classic

Classic Pinball is a free pinball. Like a real pinball machine used, this App provides a lot of suspenseful and action-Packed entertainment. The graphic looks on an Android Tablet. HD-quality it is no. The presentation is on Tablets slightly blurred. But that is not really bad.

The game physics is very realistic. Is controlled by tapping the left and right edge of the field. The goal is to keep the ball as long as possible in the game. A lot of skill, like in real pinball, need. The good Sound makes for a realistic arcade feel. The App is ideal for a quick game in between. Because a manual is not the Pinball machines really necessary.

Pinball Classic, only offers a single table game, but a lot of pinball fun on your Android Tab....

Lost Roads Races 3D

Lost Roads Races is a free 3D racing game. Prove Yourself as a GT racer. 17 most famous courses are offered. It can be selected between 10 classic GT race car.

The Software provides a realistic driving physics and good 3D graphics. Different weather conditions and times of Day provide additional challenges. With skill, Talent, and racing fever can compete well in the championship. Or even win.

Lost Roads Races is a good example of how good racing games have to cost anything. The game is financed with Ingame advertising. In return, You get a good PC racing game totally free. Not a bad deal. ...

Microsoft Flight

The latest Version of the popular flight simulator can be played in the basic version free of charge. However, it can be flown 'only' two aircraft over the Hawaiian Islands. Other areas and aircraft must be purchased or acquired with experience points.

in The Microsoft Flight is aimed at Users who want to make a pilot's license to be able to stand out. The barrier to entry is significantly lower than other simulators.

It is a Tutorial is available that facilitates access much. With the mouse and keyboard can be precisely controlled. Of course, Joysticks are supported. In Multiplayer mode, You can exit the aircraft and in the virtual world, meet other friends and pilots. There are many miss your family need to be addressed together.

The free Software is ideal to make yourself familiar with flight simulators. The graphics are top notch. Whether the fee-based add-on Packs are needed, everyone must decide for themselves. ...

Helidroid 3D

The small, remote-controlled helicopter for the living room are very popular. However, you can fly only very short. Also, the inventory is not always safe in front of the Mini-Helicopters. With the free App Helidroid 3D you fly safely and without battery problems through the whole house.

Of course, it flies around, not just like that. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the end of missions. The smooth and nice 3D graphics shows what the processing power in the Android Tablet is plugged in.

The free Helidroid 3D is a nice Helicopter Simulator for Android Tablets. Particularly positive is, it is the App works in landscape format....

Orbiter Space Flight

With the free Orbiter you can go on a discovery journey through the solar system. Historical space missions such as the Apollo moon landing, or the flights of the Space Shuttles can be tracked on your home PC.

Of course, it is not easy to carry out such missions correctly. Therefore, beginners are supported with Tutorial flights and quick-start scenarios. Perhaps the somewhat tedious Start will be rewarded later with realistic views of the earth, other planets and space stations. The flights may be recorded as a Video. It is striking at first that the Orbiter Simulator has no Sound. But with one of the many extensions be addressed.

Anyone interested in space travel should invest in the necessary training time in the Freeware flight simulators. In many scenes, perspectives and comprehensible missions, the more space is explored in a realistic and comprehensive manner. The Crew at Cape Canaveral waiting for the first launch of the new Orbiter pilots. But note: It is not a Shooter, but a realistic Simulator. ...


The Freeware Game is a very successful implementation of the popular game risk. Up to six players can simultaneously play together. There are different game boards and finishes are available.

In Domination, players try to bring on a simplified world map with countries and whole continents in possession. Even the whole world can be conquered. The armies are deployed according to strategic aspects. As in real life, also the luck of the dice plays a role. Also, diplomacy is a key factor to success.

Domination keeps strictly to the rules of the Board game risk. So an easier and faster entry into the PC Version is possible. To a technical note: To start Domination on the PC, the Java runtime to be installed.

Domination is the best implementation of a risk for both Windows and fully recommended....

Bowling Paradise 3D

In the Android Phone or even fit all the bowling lanes. Bowling Paradise 3D is a free App that makes this possible in 3D. It can even be on the beach or in the space played. Various Venues are available. The game itself is based of course exactly at the original Bowling. However, with a special feature: The bowling ball can still be a Twist to the litter type of changes the direction. The wishes of so many bowlers in real life.

The HD graphics is very well done. The game analysis is overviewed, and exactly like real Bowling. The App is free to play. The differences to the paid Version are not very large. It can be played well without spending money on it. Overall, Bowling Paradise 3D is a nice Free App which is quite recommendable....

Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball is so awesome that only a Council would be necessary to: install and try out!

Nevertheless, a few words on the free App. The 3D animated pinball tables are so versatile and impressively designed, that one can only marvel at. Graphics and Sound are absolutely top notch. A table is included for free. It is Sourcerer's Lair, the Ghost train-conjures up a Feeling on the Tablet. More spectacular tables can be purchased for about 0,80 Euro.

The graphics in the Test on the Motorola Xoom razor-sharp and fluid, the game physics is perfect. It is positive that different view modes can be set on the table. In the case of smaller Displays may be automatically zoomed and scrolled. If that is too annoying, or who can turn off is a larger Tablet, also. The graphics are so brilliant that the entire table fit in portrait mode on the Tablet.

Enough of the words: Zen Pinball sets new standards for Android pinball games. Just great! However, the Android Phone or Tablet Tegra a processor you have....

Those Funny Funguloids

The Name suggests that it is a special Game outside of the mainstream. But it is precisely its simplicity and clear atmosphere fascinate.

For Those Funny Funguloids it flies through as a shining drop of the galaxies and collect mushrooms. The color of the mushrooms is also the color of the current galaxy. But of course, there are also meteorites and black holes which must be dodged. However, this is not so easy, because the control of the galactic drop requires a special feel. It comes with two keys for rotate left and rotate right.

However, the drop is slowly becoming more and more travel. So, it is constantly demanded more skill and reaction speed. The pleasantly quiet Soundtrack reinforces the mystical atmosphere.

Those Funny Funguloids is a particular Game that has fascinated a peculiar way....

Bigfoot 4x4 Challenge

No regard for the environment. The sprint consumption is no matter. Only the fun factor and the speed count. So it goes to the free Bigfoot 4x4 Challenge. Cyclo-cross racing in the monster truck through the impressive 3D terrain, and ignored all traffic rules. Collisions, Flips and jumps are on the agenda.

In the career mode for the monster truck driver are done depending on the course various tasks. The competition also is plowing full speed through the Prairie and tries to also grab more points than the other.

The Gameplay, the beautiful 3D graphics, good game physics and the impressive sounds make this free Game a real Freeware Hit. However, one is often blessed with advertising. Also, the Game always tries for the manufacturer to make home page to the home page in the Browser. However, this can simply be rejected. As the price for the fast-paced Game can all but be well accepted. Somehow, the effort must be financed Yes....

Marble Arena 2

Marble Arena 2 is a tricky skill game in three dimensions, which makes the concept of Marble Madness back to life. As with the model you also need the free Marble Arena 2 a lot of fingers to get through a feeling to the difficult Level or the 3D course.

With the keyboard arrow keys, the ball must be moved sent. The spacebar is used to Jump. With the mouse you can adjust the camera Zoom, and with the R button, the marble can be placed after a failure again and again. Task is to reach the numerous Levels a specific number of points. The more points collect, the bigger the marble and the more difficult the Mission is. With Upgrade points, you can overdraw his marbles even with different Skinns.

The free Marble Arena 2 is a entertaining Game with good graphics and Sound matching. There is nothing, the 110MB download, and let the marbles roll neatly....

Speed Dreams

The essential features of Speed Dreams is a beautiful 3D graphics and, of course, that it is free of charge. The program is Open-Source. This means that even the program code has been made public.

There is a large selection of routes (formula 1, Speedway, road racing, off-road), and fast vehicles. The range of Supercars and GT1 cars to historic Grand Prix cars.

A particular challenge is the control. It is namely steered with the mouse and with the arrow keys on the keyboard, throttle and braking. This is a very idiosyncratic control requires a precise control of the mouse.

Around Speed Dreams is a good and free racing simulation. Occasional graphics errors or sometimes a-like Handling of the cars you should take with a sense of Humor. The Download is about 133MB in size....

Blobby Volley

The freeware game -Blobby volleyball is many PC gamers well known. Could be missing the funny Volleyball but on any LAN Party. As wabbeliges jelly males to play against the Computer or people. The simple, but all the more enthralling Game even has its own Blobby-League. Of course there is the legendary Version of Windows also hier at Gratissoftware.de.

The Android Version is visually with the PC version the same. But of course the Gameplay has changed. Especially good is, that different control options can be selected. Because not everyone is the default setting of the App.

Absolute Highlight is the ability to deliver via Bluetooth with friends a thrilling Match. In a test match, no delay could be observed between a Galaxy S3 and Xoom Tablet. Everything ran very smoothly. And so it was a small game an exciting Competition. Blobby Volley can also be used for Android Smartphones and Tablets, in good conscience, recommend....


In the free, open Beta Version is really only a popular: Fast Arcade action! Here is everything that would be forbidden on a normal ski slope is impossible or strictly, but fun happens.

In this Freeware is an open Beta Version. So a preliminary software is to be gathered from the experiences of the users in order to optimize the final output, and fix errors.

SkiRanger see the developer as a party game, to score points with the motion tracking (Kinect OpenNI). We have spared us the Gehampel in front of the Monitor, and just played with the Gamepad. And lo and behold: It worked really well!

SkiRanger presented with a contemporary and fast-paced 3D graphics, it goes straight to the point. Less than pure racing simulation Arcade-Action is the theme. The Gameplay with the Gamepad could quite convince. Even after testing the Beta you get hungry for more.

Who would like to leave it in the mountains, in Overdrive, without the mountain rescue has to come out, should look at the free Beta Version of SkiRanger (about 384MB) necessarily. Is a bit annoying that several other Software that must be installed to operate the game on PC. ...


The five students of the Vancouver Film School have dared what. Politically incorrect one conceivable controls in your Game a 3D tank through the area. And it is so even rumgeschossen. But we just assume that it is drones are a defensive Training or unmanned Ground. Because blood flows none here. Crash but it does already.

The, unfortunately, somewhat short game convinced by a successful 3D graphics and passable Gameplay. Also the Sound is good. Of course, need to be turned off in the desert, the enemy objects, to go through the three levels to the final boss.

The Download is about 529MB large, and to recommend that all the likes in desert-like areas of the tanks want to go. Is controlled with a Gamepad or keyboard. ...

Energy Tycoon

In the free economic simulation can be tested without risk to its Suitability for 'Enery Tycoon'. It is a company may be formed for example in the area of energy, coal, Gas, or renewable electricity to be strengthened with power plants, production sites, and commercial buildings. The aim is, of course, so many customers as to supply possible to be successful.

The German-speaking and free strategy game is attractively designed and offers a longer period of time is an interesting employment in the 'free market'. It is no Casual Game for in Between. In a Tutorial you made with the rules and Gameplay of 'Energy Tycoon' familiar.

In the economic simulation, a huge Empire can be built, without the corresponding damage. The Download is about 57MB in size....

Unknown Horizons

In the meantime, a very respectable, free, German, Open-Source Version of the economic and construction simulation has become of 'Unknown Horizons' Anno. With the latest Update, the Software is very strongly developed and is a real download tip for strategy Fans.

In an attractive Tutorial beginners will be introduced to the captivating game concept. It can be played in Solo mode alone, or in the built-in Multiplayer mode with gamers from all over the world.

Start will reach with a boat to a new country and then tap. Where resources are degraded, founded cities, sustainably farmed and traded so that the citizens are happy and satisfied.

The new, strongly improved Version of 'Unknown Horizons' shines among others with nicer graphics, new buildings and the storage of multi-player games. 'Unknown Horizons' but would like to be more than just a good Anno clone, and therefore brings its own aspects in the game. However, without diluting the basic idea of genius.

The all are download good reasons the approximately 115MB down, and to open to unknown horizons. ...

No one can stop the farm pioneer

It is time again for a weird, little Indie Game has to offer but definitely a deeper meaning and Background. Because when you live on the alien planet so how we on earth will soon end with Funny.

'No one can stop the farm pioneer' is a small building simulation on an alien planet. There are various tasks need to be done and well with the resources (wood, meat, wheat) will be dealt with. Who is exploiting the planet will soon get the red card. Actually no exciting affair, but the Free Game has a special fascination and mood. If you find the hidden space ship, you can even explore other planets. The Download of the free game is only 5.8 MB in size.

Since the origin of the Games is not traceable, is also here the use of Sandboxie not a bug. ...


Friends extensive structural and economic simulations come in 'OpenTTD' in any case, at your cost. Not only because in the extended Remake of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe' no costs are incurred.

However, it is not just a replica of the original, but many Features were incorporated new and improved AI significantly. But the basic approach remains: As a transport operator you have to bring his company to flourish. It is, so to speak, for the important economic infrastructure more or less large cities. This decides whether the cities are growing or not.

OpenTTD brings for many, many hours of interesting, exciting and challenging fun game on the PC. And All at zero cost. So even beginners can get started right away and the world of OpenTTD to explore and create. It is also positive, then, in addition to many other languages, English is offered. A Multiplayer mode is of course also available.

The only 4.4 MB small Windows Installer loads in the course of the Installation, even greater amounts of data automatically. ...

Arc Aether Anomalies

In this free 3D-Shooter you get the impression within the human body to be on the go, and to fight as part of the immune system against evil cells. The developer J. Kyle Pittman referred to the Game as a 'six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) arcade action shooter'.

The invaders are spores that must be destroyed with the Laser. The resulting cells can then be collected and increase the Score and remaining time. The Arc Beam can be lysed harmful objects for a certain period of time, para. The control is via keyboard or Gamepad.

You can refer to 'Arc Aether Anomalies', perhaps, as a Casual Action Shooter. Some find it boring quickly, others pretty cool. To form your own opinion, it is sufficient to 8MB Installer to download, and the response implemented Freeware Indie Game just to try out....


The great, free first person Shooter 'Warsow' brings colorful Comic book Action without blood baths on the Monitor. Those who believe now, but there is a petting zoo Simulation is quite wrong.

Because of the Online Shooter offers really fast and action-Packed battles which can be without flying through the area limbs pretty entertaining. For fun, the opponents worry. Cyber punks and pigs are not uncommon. Wacky weapons and useful PowerUps provide the necessary power.

'Warsow TV' transmits even the battles of other participants. So you can keep track of and let the Stress of other players. So it is however not rise in the global Ranking. The Gameplay feels a bit 'old-school', but that does not matter really. No, really, seriously, you should not take a 'Warsow'. And it's better that way.

The free Multiplayer cartoon Shooter Software fails with about 488MB to beech. For turbulent Free-Action the Download is worthwhile in any case. ...

Handball Challenge Training Camp

Without the need for the game IHF Handball Challenge 'to buy, you can in the free 'Handball Challenge training camp ever strong.

Soccer simulations, there are some. Also Baseball and Basketball are available in digital versions. Only the really very attractive and fast Handball was not previously in a professional PC-implementation. The changes with 'IHF Handball Challenge'. 3D-graphics, Gameplay, and entertainment value can quite compete with the popular football simulations.

In six mini-games, you can make yourself familiar with the Gameplay and compete against prominent handball stars. There are various training options: 1-on-1, 2-on-2, speed against impact, position, throw, 7-Meter Throw or 1-on-1 defense mode. Each mini-game has two difficulty levels.

Friends is a well-made sports simulations is the Freeware probably a lot of fun. And many gamers is the usual football simulators perhaps unfaithful. The Download of the Software, however, is impressive 900MB in size. There is an Offline mode, but to take advantage of the Training in terms of a free registration is required....

Perfect Kick

Simple Gameplay, beautiful graphics and enemies from all over the world. In the case of 'Perfect Kick' is to protect alternating in the role of a penalty and a goalkeeper. Even the graphics fun. After you have practiced in training camp it goes something like this in the big wide world. Because the opponents are real players. Either you somebody, or it is assigned to an opponent automatically. Despite, or perhaps because of the simplistic gameplay, you can not stop with the penalty shoot-out so quickly. Is controlled with just one Finger. And this is really fun!...

Can Knockdown 3

This App is a break clown of the class. Can shoot needs no great explanation. It simply needs to be cleared as much as possible. And with a few throws. Because every Ball of the left brings a lot of points. With simple start you can't throw but in the next scenarios. Because all Levels of a scene must be completed with 3 stars for optimal effectiveness.

The graphics is just amazing good and the scenery full of atmosphere made. Even modern Android Phones is demanded of all hand. Around a easy to play, yet addicting App, the View alone is already fun....


In this comprehensive and yet free strategy game the world of their own space base has to be expanded and, of course, before the evil Aliens are protected. But this is not so easy. It is the soldiers must be won, and for the necessary equipment will be provided. However, the available resources are scarce and the team is still small. It must be strategically planned well to fulfill the Mission.

UFO-AI is a Remake of UFO: Enemy Unknown and UFO: X-COM, or a Freeware project by Fans of the old DOS game. The 2.5 Release promises even more fun games and good graphics....

Open arena

Open arena is a good on the Software-base of Quake as an Open-Source game developed first-person Shooter with improved graphics. You can let off steam in the 3D world alone or with other players. Fortunately, the Ego-Shooter comes with a relatively low amount of system resources, so the Game also runs on older machines, supple.

There are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. ...