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In Minecraft a lot of creativity is required. In a world in the style of Lego building materials will be collected. The aim is to protect themselves from a hostile environment blessed, and to shape a digital world. Initially suffice for caves. But quickly the houses are massive. To the stately Palace. The power of imagination are almost no limits.

To obtain the necessary raw materials is not a simple thing. At the beginning needs to be worked with bare hands. Then, slowly, the tools can be built. Thus, new materials can degrade. But the deposits of raw materials must be first in the world of Minecraft explored. What can be built from the materials located in the selected combination.

By the free game Minecraft concept exerts a great fascination. Despite the simple graphics reminiscent of Lego. The game is never finished. It will add new aspects to it constantly. Minecraft is a free and imaginative world of adventure that provides plenty of variety and Motivation to continue playing. It has also developed a large Community of players. Just try it! ...


The Freeware Game is a very successful implementation of the popular game risk. Up to six players can simultaneously play together. There are different game boards and finishes are available.

In Domination, players try to bring on a simplified world map with countries and whole continents in possession. Even the whole world can be conquered. The armies are deployed according to strategic aspects. As in real life, also the luck of the dice plays a role. Also, diplomacy is a key factor to success.

Domination keeps strictly to the rules of the Board game risk. So an easier and faster entry into the PC Version is possible. To a technical note: To start Domination on the PC, the Java runtime to be installed.

Domination is the best implementation of a risk for both Windows and fully recommended....

Energy Tycoon

In the free economic simulation can be tested without risk to its Suitability for 'Enery Tycoon'. It is a company may be formed for example in the area of energy, coal, Gas, or renewable electricity to be strengthened with power plants, production sites, and commercial buildings. The aim is, of course, so many customers as to supply possible to be successful.

The German-speaking and free strategy game is attractively designed and offers a longer period of time is an interesting employment in the 'free market'. It is no Casual Game for in Between. In a Tutorial you made with the rules and Gameplay of 'Energy Tycoon' familiar.

In the economic simulation, a huge Empire can be built, without the corresponding damage. The Download is about 57MB in size....

Pax Britannica

Beyond the usual mainstream games, this exceptional, free Realtime-Strategy Game is located. The particular: It is actually controlled with a single button.

In mono player Mode are two large mother ships are facing. Through different Pressing of a button manufactured fighters, bombers, and frigates and released to the enemy ship. Of course, the opponent does. It depends on the strategic skill, which the mother space ship in the end survived. The Game can also be used in multi-player mode with friends played.

The Impressive thing is the ease of Gameplay, the permits but still a game depth, which is 'One Button Games' only very rarely. It is worthwhile to invest a little time and 'Pax Britannica' involved.

The Download is as minimalist as the cool Game. He is only 9MB in size. Since the gameplay is particularly well suited for Smartphones, is Pax Brittanica for Android Tablets and Smartphones free available....

Unknown Horizons

In the meantime, a very respectable, free, German, Open-Source Version of the economic and construction simulation has become of 'Unknown Horizons' Anno. With the latest Update, the Software is very strongly developed and is a real download tip for strategy Fans.

In an attractive Tutorial beginners will be introduced to the captivating game concept. It can be played in Solo mode alone, or in the built-in Multiplayer mode with gamers from all over the world.

Start will reach with a boat to a new country and then tap. Where resources are degraded, founded cities, sustainably farmed and traded so that the citizens are happy and satisfied.

The new, strongly improved Version of 'Unknown Horizons' shines among others with nicer graphics, new buildings and the storage of multi-player games. 'Unknown Horizons' but would like to be more than just a good Anno clone, and therefore brings its own aspects in the game. However, without diluting the basic idea of genius.

The all are download good reasons the approximately 115MB down, and to open to unknown horizons. ...


Friends extensive structural and economic simulations come in 'OpenTTD' in any case, at your cost. Not only because in the extended Remake of 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe' no costs are incurred.

However, it is not just a replica of the original, but many Features were incorporated new and improved AI significantly. But the basic approach remains: As a transport operator you have to bring his company to flourish. It is, so to speak, for the important economic infrastructure more or less large cities. This decides whether the cities are growing or not.

OpenTTD brings for many, many hours of interesting, exciting and challenging fun game on the PC. And All at zero cost. So even beginners can get started right away and the world of OpenTTD to explore and create. It is also positive, then, in addition to many other languages, English is offered. A Multiplayer mode is of course also available.

The only 4.4 MB small Windows Installer loads in the course of the Installation, even greater amounts of data automatically. ...

Corn Quest

In this fun Tower Defense game are mutated and very voracious beetles are destroying held the large corn on the cob. The defenders must fend off strategically and energetically, cleverly placed around the waves of attackers. Destroyed enemies often lose packets of energy which should be collected. More energy means more troops....

Galaxy Siege 2

Your task is to build a powerful space ship and to exist in space for various missions. To earn the necessary money and upgrade Your space ship more and more....


In this comprehensive and yet free strategy game the world of their own space base has to be expanded and, of course, before the evil Aliens are protected. But this is not so easy. It is the soldiers must be won, and for the necessary equipment will be provided. However, the available resources are scarce and the team is still small. It must be strategically planned well to fulfill the Mission.

UFO-AI is a Remake of UFO: Enemy Unknown and UFO: X-COM, or a Freeware project by Fans of the old DOS game. The 2.5 Release promises even more fun games and good graphics....

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is set in a medieval scenario. The players receive at the beginning a small castle in the great Empire, which will henceforth be the Central place. Then it applies these to expand and to enlarge, to expand the influence in the game world. To do this, players must solve problems, a functioning economy to build, fights against computer-controlled enemies and other players, and other players in alliances and networks....